Thursday, May 6, 2010

MAY Market Thursday~

It's wonderful-- living above the shop! More than just convenient, it's a lifestyle for me~The Atelier north window; it's quiet and calm, pretty even in the dark; let's take a look around~

Lights on~ This 20-30's armoire arrived today. Perfect condition, lots of storage, nice size - I haven't seen one like this in quite a few years~ $295.Staging, constantly: let's group these greens/browns and create a fresh mood~
'Everything you need to know to brighten your home': 1966 DECORATING GUIDE magazine. I like how they 'framed' the photo on the cover - looks like an idea we'd see today~

This vintage tray with fairy motif makes me notice it each time I've passed it~OK, to the lower shop level - I love rustic whites with these colors. The triple botanical study (secondhand/not old, $29) looks great on that door.

We display a mix of style, age and price. The bench with lift-top storage seat is perfect for alot of rooms~
And for a different look: browns in iron, woven and wood~

The large copper bowl featured earlier this week - yes, the bottle holder just rests on top, I've set it to the side in the bowl for now~

Crisp black/white damask pattern seats are now on the four chairs. $79 for all four~

And, a cupboard -just arrived. We're looking forward to a fantasic Market Thursday, and we hope you enjoyed today's 'tour'~ TERESA

We're OPEN today through Sunday, May 9th (full hours shown on sidebar).

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