Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Gardening at The PORCH & Atelier~

There are two large urns flanking the Atelier entrance. The urns themselves have served us well, making it so far through six years of winter to summer and then back again. It's a treat for me to change out their seasonal botanical statements~Yesterday, I planted catmint - three one quart pots in the center of each urn, with yellow viola and dusty miller around the rim. Catmint (Nepeta) is easy-growing and drought hardy, so when I came across their airy lavender blooms (at Lowes), I couldn't resist them~
It's a tough location for plants, and it was trial-and-error for a few years - some plantings couldn't survive one missed watering day. Moss roses and Victoria Blue Salvia (coming to the doorstoop urns this Sunday) have thrived in the conditions on our corner~

For now, my only question is if the catmint will have constant bloom. I love it's airy growth habit, the leaves are soft and smell somewhat like sage - I can always add moss roses for color, right?
Nepeta, or catmint, is a member of the mint family, and is perennial in Minnesota.

For now, I think they look pretty great for just-planted - it will be fun to show you the filled-out plantings in a few weeks.

Note: we won't be hosting our annual mid-July Garden Day (local garden tours and party) event this year. (Oh, I'll miss it!, and I'm sorry if you will, too~) Stay tuned for a possible Garden Harvest event in September. ~TERESA

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