Friday, May 14, 2010

Simple enough #21

It's about time for another 'simple enough', don't you think? A nice way to end the week and look forward to le weekend? I say 'le' because we're all about celebrating French at our Springtime in PARIS event tomorrow~ Today, we have pretty.... like the white dresses and chair, implying anticipation~
A crystal brooch, wrapped and ready to present~I do have a thing for pedestal bowls

Curtain light strands in a PARIS restaurant window~
Then, mix in the tin hooks

And, the paper signs hung from old seam binding ($8.95, many styles)

Flashcards, enough to actually spell out a phrase~

And, new FRENCH curtains in the third floor apartment. This view is from the entry, to your right into the bar and kitchen. Bon weekend, everyone! TERESA

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Linda said...

Just looks so fun and totally gorgeous!!