Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Springtime in PARIS 2010, Part ONE: THE PEOPLE

Can you imagine how much fun I had, with all of these happy, smiling guests?

Thank you to those who were here~

Brenda, and many others from The PORCH & Atelier, were here to serve you~

Like Colleen (more about the food later~)

Some were here to celebrate their Mother's Day~

Or, quality time with friends~

Flowers and smiles - can it get any better than that?
Dawn was here again, with her group of seven friends and family~

They come prepared for a great time (they make it great)~

Celebrating a birthday!

Malia, in the kitchen all day with Chef Adam~

We have so many details to show~ But, we're happiest about everyone who was here~

Alot of people took flowers home with them~

I have to give you a peek at our napkin rings - curtain clips from PARIS, holding a French card~

And, what's better than an impromptu fashion show? Wendy, adorable in this gorgeous frock (it fit like it was made for her), modeled it in the apartment for us, and did take the dress home~

More Springtime in PARIS to come - food, flowers - and but of course, more details of the day~ Merci, TERESA


Linda said...

How nice...looks like everyone had a great time!

TERESA said...

Thank you, Linda~
We look forward to this event every year! It's a long-standing tradition that began over ten years ago with my wish to share what I love about France. It started in my Elk River home, and this year we had over 80 people (in two sessions); my chef son 'Adam' now prepares the menu, and family/friends are here with me to make it all happen~ Thanks again for your comment, TERESA