Thursday, May 20, 2010

Springtime in PARIS, Part THREE: the flowers

~If you've been following our Springtime in PARIS event (at the shop last Saturday, May 15), you've noticed that we love to celebrate with flowers! Good friend, Susan, was here all day - with her now famous pink shears~She started before the event began, using those shears to gather fresh greens (these are daylily) to supplement the blooms that would come in the door~Bringing viburnum - the shrub you're seeing in bloom around here right now, sometimes growing wild, other times cultivated. Its old-fashioned, hydrangea-like, greenish white blooms are a favorite of mine.And more fresh stems, branches-- bridal wreath ready to pop into bloom - oh, I love to get out and gather all of this myself - what a treat that Susan did this for us~ What can you gather - that's right outside - today?Just about everyone comes in the door with fresh blooms - imagine that~
Some brought their lilacs, fresh from their yard that morning~OK, viburnum or hydrangea?Susan took a huge task and made it appear effortless~she spent the day unwrapping, clipping, trimming, and designing absolutely glorious floral arrangements for us~ She designed with color and style - here mixing homegrown bleeding heart with gorgeous daisy mums~

Hosting not only the flowers, she was always quick with a smile and visited (when she could! She's holding a bouquet in progress)~

Every variety and color imaginable was here~

She made over two dozen unique arrangements for tables around the shop. Doesn't this look like a welcome place to sit for lunch? We convert our Atelier level to 'bistro', bringing in some tables and chairs - and make seating vignettes by covering chests and trunks already here.

We offered a morning and afternoon event that day, so she repeated the entire process with even more flowers arriving in the afternoon~

Arrangements large and small~

Wasn't her apron just perfect for the day?

Then, what she designed went home with our guests~

She grouped and wrapped endless packages - everyone went out the door with a personal bouquet~

Could anything be much better? A huge MERCI BEAUCOUP is due--- to Susan, our guests, and friends/family who were here to make a wonderful day happen ~TERESA


SecondhandKris said...

Susan is incredible with flowers isn't she? She took 2 mixed bouquets from Wal-mart, one bouquet of roses and lots of hosta and stems from Rose's gardens into the most beautiful bouquets and boutineers for our outdoor wedding. You were so lucky to have her for the whole day - it looked like a lot of fun and beautiful to boot!!

Mr. Flannery said...

Fleur avec penache. Tre bon. Piere

TERESA said...

You're right, Kris - I haven't forgotten that beautiful summer day, or what she did with the flowers for you! Yes, we were SO lucky to have her here all day, I wish we had a photo of everything she created. I did receive more photos of the day from a generous attendee, and will post a few very soon~ TERESA

TERESA said...

OK, Mr. Flannery, the 'Piere' through me off, but now I get it - 'flowers with panache, very good/beautiful', and it all made you feel a little French? - therefore 'Piere'?~ TERESA