Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Springtime in PARIS 2010 part two: food, prizes & the apartment

The MENU at our 2010 Springtime in PARIS event at The PORCH & Atelier~

Chef Adam plans and prepares a unique, delicious, fresh menu for us each year~

He and Malia work well together - no detail is missed~I can't resist showing her here again today~Vichyssoise aux asperges blanc (first course) on the kitchen bar, ready to serve~Fresh carrots, beets, and green beans: blanched, marinated and served cold with fresh Dijon vinaigrette~
Rachel, preparing the wine cocktails served in the apartment~

98% of the prizes (over 50 in all- oh my, we love to give prizes!) were brought home from PARIS last month~ (The crown tray is from Sur la Table, but still acceptable, non?)Souvenir scarves, the', French magazines, Eiffel keychains, cafe au lait spoons, on and on -oh! it was fun!

PARIS shopping here, too - stacks of scarves, bags and bracelets to purchase ~

For those who have toured the apartment before, there were changes in the past year. Like this old aqua shed door, leading into the bedroom~There are now double doors into the bedroom, and I'm loving the European feel!

I hope you can visit me at the apartment sometime~ I love my home in this great old building~ Several people asked how I could ever leave it to do anything else- that's a wonderful compliment, isn't it? It really is magical here~

Fleurs, fleurs, and more fleurs - are you ready for the upcoming feature on all of the gorgeous flowers that were here? Enjoy simple pleasures today~ TERESA

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