Saturday, May 29, 2010

We love trunks ~and more

In the midst of our June Market preparations, a great trunk has arrived~Old tassel and all. The labels and details provide a few hints to its past life. Britannic was the name of a ship in the White Star line~The trunk belonged to First Class passenger Edward SanfordHe sailed into France (I wonder if he arrived in London first?)~And, Italy~ It does make you stop and pause, doesn't it?On to some of the great furniture and other finds just arrived - like this desk~

Another desk: nicely sized, original glass on top~

We're still in setup mode; the drafting table has numbered drawers~

One of those great old dressers with storage boxes on top - updated in the softest warm gray paint.
Can't resist showing you something 'simple enough' in the midst of our setup work~

Alot of you love wonderful old graphics and letters - like on this hatbox~

We like to offer industrial/retail display pieces-great storage drawers in this one~

Graphic black and white~

Another trunk, in a great old aqua color; clock case on top

Wow - a collection of cake toppers - only half of them are shown.

More JUNE Market photos will be posted in the coming days - we have alot to show you, and we're looking forward to opening next week! TERESA


Janelle said...

Wow! I LOVE IT ALL! I am really interested to know the price for the soft grey painted dresser? I just love it! Now....I am going to go check out that turquoise chaise lounge....

TERESA said...

Hi Janelle, I love your energy- how fun to receive your comment!

The dresser is $119; let me know if you have any other questions~ TERESA

Linda Thiltgen said...

Love those trunk labels! see you soon!