Friday, May 7, 2010

We meet the best people here~

We DO meet the best people here~ Yesterday, I asked a client 'are you having a good day?' Her pleasant reply? 'How could I not? All of these happy people shopping and having a great time?' She put my thoughts into words~
Like Laura, she's been here, too~ Seeing her smile, you can imagine how pleased we are when she graces us with a visit~

~I say 'graces', because that's how you feel when you meet her: lovely, happy, effervescent - a gorgeous smile, she's genuinely friendly, and---she loves to find and model vintage clothing here~

Like this Spring coat. Oh, the coat! A beautiful silk brocade with covered buttons, and she wears it well, doesn't she?~
We appreciate everyone who comes to The PORCH & Atelier, contributing their energy to our wonderful atmosphere - we have it pretty nice here, don't we? TERESA

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