Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design inspiration: the shop cards

The PORCH & Atelier postcards are a standard here - seven years of designing the cards has been enjoyable for me, and feedback shows that I should continue. I've been told that many of you have collected them over the years - merci~
Mid-year 2010 shop card front
For the first few years, a new card was designed and mailed out each month. Over time, our email contact list is now the larger list, and we're more concerned about being 'green'. But, our printed cards continue, and are mailed about every three months~

I watch for card design inspiration, and actually had other plans for the summer card - until I received this clipart sample from Dover Publications last week. Look at their confidence and beauty! What a statement~So, the card design started out like this-- And, then I saw the bleu-grey colors in these baroque styles.

Also from Dover~

Some cropping and fading--

Mid-year 2010 shop card back

Eh voila! You're the first to see our newest card, and it will more than likely be 'tweaked' again before printing. Drop me an email if you're interested in joining our card mailing list: theporch@bwig.net


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