Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Market Wednesday at The PORCH & Atelier

It's cool and quiet here at the moment, and I'm looking forward to our second day of 'soft opening', here today. We will be open 9-2~
The old blue building louver/vent in the west Atelier window ($29)~ Full view of the vignette~

A cottage-style display table (note the handle to lift its window top). Right now, it's holding a shell collection; picture your own seasonal changes ($89).

I've been enjoying 'soft gray colors' in the Atelier. The old marble-top chest holds various white and galvanized pieces. Note the corner iron stand front/left (lots of display/storage in a small footprint).
Galvanized and glass. Two styles of etched glassware (they make great gift vases, too); spinning utensil holders, letter boxes, tin bins, and airy tin floral tealight holders.

I've admired this old wicker lamp since first spying it on Sunday morning. Solid quality and very unique, it has a glass globe inside its wicker shade.

That large dictionary from Sunday's load - she ended up staying right where she landed~

This teapot is large enough - it's sitting on a stack of good-sized dinner plates~

I don't say enough about our beautiful little town of Buffalo, Minnesota~ We're nestled in old downtown Buffalo's original business district, just up the hill from Buffalo Lake. While here, we're happy to help you find information about shopping, lodging, restaurants and more. Off to the day, and of course, to get more photos! ~TERESA

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