Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outdoors at The PORCH & Atelier

The corner placement of this great old building provides a wonderful corner courtyard outside our lower level~

Complete with an old stone wall! I'm now surrounded by hardscape - so, I've needed to think 'city'-- PARIS-- containers when it comes to gardening. A March garden on the Champs Elysees'
With their climate, you'll see everything from ivy to herbs to olive and citrus trees on the sidewalks.This year, I've planted some lettuce, and wish I'd also planted haricot verts (the small, fine French green beans). This black tub, complete with stand, holds a basket of diamond frost lobelia~

We have several volunteer plants out there, too! Note the progress on the sunflower in the window box~
Another volunteer at the stone wall - I adore vines!

And the third: my favorite lemon balm. A just-planted pot of lemon balm seeds was toppled and broken into pieces. I swept it over to the wall, eh voila!

We enjoy setting our courtyard with pieces for you - all year long. With our clearance sale (starting next week at the July Market), watch for colorful markdown tags on alot of the items.



Mr. Flannery said...

It was always fun to decorate the hardscape outside the shop. The stone wall and balcony on the building add so much texture and points of interest.

TERESA said...

Thanks, Peter - you always had interesting and old pieces to enhance that area, we remember alot of them!