Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Robin Song~

A first for us: a robin has nested in the eave, right outside our PORCH entrance~I'm always somewhat in awe of nesting birds. Most people are when we show off our little family. Back to childhood? I'm even feeling quite privileged, imagine it: she chose 'here' to make her home. Not everyone feels that way about nesting birds- when I Googled bird lore and bird nests and good luck, I got pages of how to get rid of their nests - oh my~

I'm very pleased to report that we've been co-existing quite well.

She's only come indoors once, and now that her babies are here, she rarely startles - even with all the busy commotion at our shop door. She's an urban bird, for sure. When mama is out for food, you can see the babies - they're very brave when she's out. They'll be almost toppling out of there by the time they learn to fly.

They're pretty safe up there~

Our 'nesting lantern', over the PORCH door- empty this year for the first time. It's a few feet away from the robin nest; I guess birds don't nest that close together? The finches have been hanging out on our fence, as normal each May/June, so they're nesting closeby somewhere~

Our 2009 finch babies~

nest nesting birds robin-egg-blue

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