Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sunday Load 6-27

A beautiful summer morning, and a full load - my kind of fun!

Packed. Full. I could have gotten more, but wouldn't have the opportunity to go back for it! That happens sometimes....

Even the furniture has stuff packed inside.

A peek in the side door reveals more. Someone at the sale noticed my piles and commented that I shouldn't need more for a couple of months. What? Oh, they have no idea how much you love this stuff, and I'll keep at it, every week, never fail~

Pair of iron planters, two newer nightstands, wicker plant stand, more....

And, as usual, I don't do this without 'alot of help'. That's Henry (my three yr old grandson), he loves to get in the midst of the action, and just where is the phone charger now??

July Market photos will be posted very soon; Market hours this week are on the right sidebar. Until then, TERESA

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