Friday, June 11, 2010

Unintentional French~

You see, I don't go out seeking only 'French', as in "this is a French store". You'll find that isn't what qualifies what's offered in the Atelier - I present you what I love, what will inspire you, quality at a great price, and if that happens to be French or French-inspired, all the better~ Maybe that's why it works~

Our hand-stamped flatware garden stakes are mostly in English, but we've found you like a few French ones, too. Some of the wine candles are in French bottles- pretty normal for wine, right? And, when I came across this secondhand glass candle plate, I decoupaged a map to the underside~

Ah, the Pre de Provence soaps. 100% natural - personal, long lasting natural luxury (for $4.50).

Their velvety lotions are unsurpassed, too.

These new soap/herbal plaques have an aged enamel garden tag on the upper left corner

Our silverplate charms are available in over 60 styles, including alphabet letters. And, yes, fun 'Oui', 'Non', 'Amour', Eiffel towers, and PARIS, too. (Most $2.50-$4.95)

If you're designing a necklace or bracelet for yourself (or choosing a charm to attach to a graduation card), there are word tags, shapes, and beads. Some add to their own necklace, or we bead and sterling silver chains, too~

Bon weekend~ TERESA

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