Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage Style in Clothing~

Your first glimpse of this group of vintage clothing was earlier this week, in the Sunday June 20 load. You just never know what you'll find~The feel of the fabrics - the colors - the skill in creation, what's their story? So much to wonder about~~so much to admire about vintage details~
What did you notice first? The buttons? The feather stitching at the sleeve? The pintucks? ---or are you wondering what the crepe feels like? Who wore this organza blouse? Who stitched each unbelievable detail?What was the special occasion for wearing this full crinoline with net underskirt?Petticoats - four of them. All in a heavy/quality cotton that's still intact for us for us to admire, wonder and appreciate~ You can tell my favorite is this aqua number. Her waist measures 21"~

Petticoat styling influences decorating, too - can't you see these made into flouncy, full curtains? For a 21" waist, there's alot of fabric~

You see, if you're new to this style of shopping, you may think 'I wouldn't wear that' - you don't have to! They look gorgeous, just draped over a chair, ready to admire their details - to wonder~

There's nothing like old wedding satin - it's weight, texture and shimmer. This gorgeous number - with attached train - is just about ready to wear.

The final piece for today? The cutest pair of doll pants- with tiny waist, wide legs and patch pockets. They make me stop to imagine the 'oh-so-cool' style of those 40's days.

Thanks for stopping to spend a little time 'wondering'. I hope you get to see these beauties in person, too~ TERESA


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Teresa!
That blue petticoat is gorgeous! The satin wedding dress reminds me of my own...which was my mothers...first worn in 1947! Lovely post! :)

TERESA said...

Thanks, Laura! I was hoping to date the wedding dress, I had a feeling it was late 40's. I'm so impressed that you wore your Mother's gown - how special is that? I know of brides who have wished to do just that - how wonderful for you! I can't imagine her feelings when she saw you that day~ Thank you for writing and sharing, TERESA

Rebekah said...

Ok, please tell me..the Atelier is open every Saturday??? Are these lovelies in the Atelier for sale? or are they at the Porch and I have to wait??

TERESA said...

Hello Rebekah, yes, the Atelier is open every week: Thu/Fri/Sat, 10-5. The petticoats are here! Thanks for writing, TERESA