Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to Our JULY Market!

It's like getting ready for a big party - all the details falling into place, the excitement building~We're anticipating your visit, and welcome you to our JULY Market at The PORCH & Atelier~The view of the back courtyard from the second floor deck above, everything is waiting and anticipating~

I'll show you just a few pieces, like this petite dropfront desk~ The hat made me stop and take a closer look - I love beauty with function~

A layered mix of soft whites, with a little blue

And, color - along with a unique font in these printer blocks

More fun color~
Her vintage velvet is in very good shape~

Quantity. Look up/down and back/forth - most of all, enjoy yourself

The black mantel is $35. Did you know about the clearance prices offered on alot of items?

Decoupage detail #1 of an awesome cabinet~Detail #2

Most things aren't here long enough for us to research - Is this milliner print is the work of a French master? ~Tell me what you think.

With a full shot, you'd see her twin rocker to the left. Comfortable, roomy and in perfect shape, $35 each~

Thanks for taking this tres' petite shop tour; I'll be showing you much more in the coming days~

And wishing you a Happy 4th of July~

OPEN today through Sunday - check our shop hours on the top/right sidebar. ~TERESA

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