Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Atelier today~

Before showing you today's Sunday load (watch for that Monday morning), how about if I share some Atelier photos taken yesterday?Who can resist sweet pea tendrils and vibrant blue hydrangea? I could see these were drying up right in their vase, so I let them. Bundled in white ribbon, we can now enjoy them for a while longer~ Ornate gown beading~
A 'collection' - this divided box is perfect for corraling and displaying odds and ends~

'Can't you talk?' A common figurine - taken from the famous collie painting

Florist stand, complete with every papier mache' cone~

Alarm clocks named Gilbert and Juliet~

Four-quarter oval frame~

Awesome iron cane/umbrella stand - oh, I can't resist that old iron - ever~

Twin bed pair (two beds) with side rails~

Wire framed stand - practical and great looking at the same time (but no longer folds)~
See you tomorrow morning, TERESA

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