Thursday, July 29, 2010

AUGUST Market opening - next week!

It's been a busy, productive week - cleaning, painting, and filling the shop - getting everything ready for you~The behind-the-scenes isn't as interesting as the setting in this print - I've been hauling in from storage, and finding treasures that should be here, for you~ Like the tall tin piece on the brick wall - it was hiding behind other stuff in storage~

The stainless prep table is clean, and ready for staging~

Cleaning, painting, glazing, making repairs. The pink satin headboards are going up to the apartment master bedroom.

We're fully stocked with all kinds of iron hooks - one of our mainstays. You'll find a smaller hook display in the lower PORCH level, too~

Watch for Market photos in the coming days, OK?
We're looking forward to seeing you next week:
Tues Aug 3, 9-12
Wed Aug 4, 9-2
Thu-Fri-Sat Aug 5-6-7, 9-5
Sun Aug 8, 12-5

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