Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Didn't you just have......

.....a sofa? It's worth mentioning, because it happens here ~
We see it alot - someone finds the 'perfect piece', but runs to check what the other shops have before buying. That's what shopping is all about - the fun of searching, comparing, and making sure it's exactly what you want.....big decisions, for sure~
But, come back 45 mins later, and the piece may be gone - 'poof''~

Shopping secondhand is a unique experience. If it's just what you're looking for, well....most of this stuff is one of a kind, and we feel bad when you're disappointed~ Luckily, we're always finding more for you!
Side note: the 1920's rolled arm sofa was in primo condition, with 1960's beautiful, soft blue/green upholstery, and the addition of a new full down seat cushion (and five coordinating pillows, not shown).


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