Monday, July 19, 2010

~Easing into Monday

There's a pretty dressing gown in the Atelier this morning, and I'll bet she's easing into Monday without a care in the world~

Maybe wearing her would make us feel the same? Heavier silky fabric, flowing lines, and embroidery in shades of orchid. I at first thought of her as a robe - but then - she's a wrap, a dressing gown~
Wear her at your vanity, taking your time to apply your makeup, brush your hair, or touch up that pedicure~ Time for yourself.
Dream about how pretty she makes you feel when wrapped in her soft lines~

And how she completes the dream with the vintage organza bloom at her neck~

Waking up and moving on to the real Monday here, I'm anxious to show you the Sunday 7/18 load. My sister (Jeanne) was nice enough to take the full van photos on her phone last night, and I'm excited to show them to you when they arrive~ Until then, TERESA

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