Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Pretty~ at the JULY Market

~I just had to show you this adorable sweater

Her details are endless - what to look at first?

Her fur collar and puffs down the front? They're the first thing I noticed about her~

Then, notice her embroidered organza lining~
~And, her velvet-lined collar
Ah, the Bullocks San Fernando Valley tag - a quick search for Bullocks tells me it was a gorgeous department store hot spot, primo LA - for the stars. And, no apostrophe in the name label dates it to pre-1964.

It was special enough for her original owner to keep it for over 40 years~ Wouldn't you like to know her story?

And, I'm happy we have photos to remember her by~

Because she went home (within an hour of being placed in the Atelier), with her new owner: Terry~

We like pretty--we like details-- and we like being able to share her with all of you~

We're open today (Friday 7/2, 9-5), Saturday (7/3, 9-5), and Sunday (7/4, noon-5).

Bon Holiday Weekend! ~TERESA

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