Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The PORCH & Atelier today~

It's going to be a great day here, as always - working with all of those wonderful finds!

Where to begin today? With resetting to make room for everything that came in on Sunday~
Yes, there is junkyard rust and crust here, too - aka rusty iron wheel hubs - they remind me of column bases, ready to layer a display~
OK, wow. Old iron railings.

More iron - gates and railings~
And more ~
I'll get a shot of the whole collection after it's set today~
A favorite: lemon balm
Yesterday was a full day outside, cleaning, painting, gardening, resetting the back courtyard. With the glorious weather, I was having a good time~

Group all of this stuff by color, eh voila - it's not haphazard junk, it's a feel-good vignette. And, the volunteer sunflower has bloomed to watch over it all~

The 'green' grouping. The crates are divided, the stool height adjusts, and we even have fun veggie fencing~

It's been a great gardening summer here, rain has encouraged the stone wall vine to grow beyond anything it's done in previous years~

A favorite table outside The PORCH door. I love it just the way it is, but she'll have a glass top sometime soon~

You'll be seeing more, tomorrow, about downtown Buffalo Crazy Days - this Thursday and Friday. If you can make it out, it's a fun, worthwhile shopping event!

Until next time, TERESA

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