Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simple Enough #22

I love the bright quality of the lighting in this photo when thinking about the simple enough details. Graceful candelabra arms make me stop and look~

As does the repetition of these petite glass-top metal containers. They hold our silverplate charm collection.

The calming effect of these silvery gray panels makes me feel like I'm peeking into the apartment kitchen~
More repetition, in glass~

This weathered shutter displays simple jewelry well.
Platters - especially the two old/heavy ironstone pieces on top of the granite ovals, have to have them, every time~

Dress forms, especially the well-used and aged, are enough for me~

I've shown Coco previously, but can't resist showing her again with the Victorian parapluie protecting her~

Old labels and patina on the tin - I think you can call it admiration on my part~
Another label - the furniture stamp on the back of a cabinet~

Peaceful, classic white in jewelry and scarves

I don't pass the old shed door in the apartment kitchen (leading into the bedroom), without admiring the blues and the old hardware - my thoughts register it every time.

Simple enough. Enjoy some of your own today ~TERESA


Junk Girl said...

Lovely! Enjoyed your pics as always!


TERESA said...

Thanks, Andrea - nice of you~ TERESA