Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sunday Load 7-11-10

It's been a while since you've seen a full pickup load here - too much fun!
Lots of loading, packing, and strapping down - all by Alan. I was spoiled yesterday, I know it, and I need to get over it in order to move on. He made time to come with me yesterday - what a treat for me~

Just about everything needs work or paint - not a problem, we can do it!
In the mix is a great pedestal dining table with three leaves, a black gateleg table, two vanity stands, more-more-more, and you won't recognize the cupboard (in the back) after she's wearing an updated color~

Yay! This curvy maple chest just needs a good cleaning and wax treatment - then, I picture it in just about any room of your home. In the entry with a mirror hanging above it, in the dining room for linens, candles and extras. Holding the TV. Or, I'm loving this size chest or commode used as a bedstand now, too. Hmmm.....where/how do you picture using it?

We were stacked high~And, inside the truck, all the small stuff - like a great double lamp~A cherub candelabra, and much more~As we carry it all in to the Atelier you can see it all so much better. (Have you figured out by now that the Atelier is my work studio and shop space? Then-- add that I live above the Atelier, and it's close to perfect here~)

A four-panel screen, panels detached, and I'm not sure if this wonderful toile wallpaper is on each panel, or not. I buy fast, unload quickly if I'm lucky, and then take the time to absorb the details of each piece as I clean it. I'm thinking each panel will be presented separately, and I'll be adding some small white iron hooks brought home from PARIS.

Two shed doors, one with an adorable 2" round brass knob (not visible). The door you can see fully is - yes - that wonderful shade of bleu~
There's so much to show, and I can't wait until you see part deux - TERESA


Tina Fisher said...

Such treasures!

Pearl said...

Wow what a hall! Love the curvy desk I have one just like it.

TERESA said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed seeing all the 'stuff'~ More of it is shown in today's (July 13) post. TERESA