Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sunday Load 7-18-10

It was a creative activity, just packing this Sunday load~ Add spatial and coordination skills to the list of qualities needed to junk effectively. Blame it on the tall brass bed I bought at the end. It's always the bed that makes trouble, but I couldn't resist this one - in perfect shape, and just like the ones upstairs at Grandma's farmhouse. There's even an old ticking featherbed to go with it~
I've been finding quilts lately - and you've been liking them, too.

Porch posts, sideboard dropleaf server and more furniture, frames, and bags and bags of small stuff. I couldn't wait to take a closer look at the 'simple' dictionary (green, on top); I pulled it out of the box and was peeking at the line-drawn illustrations already. Lots of OLD stuff, like the copper Laundry-Ette tub. Large and round, she's complete with lid, spigot, handles - and in perfect shape.
Maybe I'll get shots of the smalls today - while unpacking, stacking and cleaning - I'll be practicing with that new camera~ TERESA

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