Friday, July 16, 2010

A turn in the gardening season~

It's mid-July, but with local vegetable harvests starting to come in strong, there's a change in the air~I've been tending to ignore the clearance flowers at garden centers. I was looking for kale and grasses, and found beautiful, fresh zinnias. But, what a great time for clearance shrubs.
I've been on the lookout for common Princess Spirea - found them and bought six~

Container gardening is the only option I have, and this Spirea lends itself well to being not only contained, but easily trimmed into globes.
I give them a very easy trim with scissors. So, the Spirea in the forefront transforms into the globe forms in the back.
They're full of tiny branches and leaves - perfect for shaping. They'll fill in quickly, and just need a little clipping attention now and then. They'll also serve me well indoors, later on.

And, zinnia pots nearby are quietly transforming our back courtyard into 'late' summer.
Enjoy the quiet changes happening, TERESA

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