Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bergere Find~

Oh my, being able to see through all the junk where I found her, can it really be a bergere chair frame?Can I believe it? Yes! Definition of bergere style: a type of upholstered armchair with closed sides; the sides are usually upholstered, but can also be made of cane; built for comfort, it has a long, wide cushioned seat; the back can be high or low, and in shape square, round, curved or conical (flowing without a break into the arms); developed in France ca. 1725, at the end of the Recency period, it flourished throughout the 18th century; characteristic of Louis XV, Louis XVI and other Rococo styles
The type of chair I would like to have upholstered for the apartment. It means giving something else up - hmmm.....or how can I creatively make room for it?I know, it's hard to tell what she'll look like when complete with fabric and cushions. But, I love chair 'bones', too~She has quite a great posture, doesn't she?

Examples of 'complete' bergere-style chairs, bergeres always have a loose down-filled cushion, too~

It's hard to tell her scale from the photos - let's just say the seat deck is over 3 feet wide! We'll see what happens with her, and I'll let you know, OK?
Bon weekend, TERESA


Pearl said...

Oh Honey I would definately keep that beautie! So beautiful and in such good shape, lucky you.

TERESA said...

Thank you, Pearl, I'll keep you all updated on her transformation! ~TERESA