Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doing 'Good'

Adorable Lacey hosted a lemonade stand at our August Market; maybe you saw the post about Lacey and her Lemonade Stand
Lacey at her lemonade stand, on August Market Thursday
We're happy to follow up with you, and tell you what Lacey did with 100% of the funds collected. Lacey and her family visited the Freeborn County (southern MN) Animal Humane Society and presented them with the money she raised. While there, she even got to hold some of the kitties who will benefit from her efforts~
You see, Lacey's wish was to do something to help them. So, with alot of help from family, she did just that~

Lacey, kitty, and the Humane Society worker who accepted her gift

She worked at the stand all day long (alot of hours for a seven year old!) and due to generous PORCH & Atelier shoppers, she proudly raised over $200 that day. It looks like kitty certainly appreciated it, too~

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Gracie's Cottage said...

Way to go Lacey...SWEET!