Friday, August 20, 2010

Enough with the dress already!

I'm not crazy for wedding gowns, am I? No - but when I'm in the Atelier today, I need to MOVE ON to other things~ I played with it alot yesterday, checking over the details (this is all about loving the details, by the way~). I've discovered that the Cahill Ltd Beverly Hills label reinforces my feelings about this dress being very special~

It's hard to see her true glory, while she's hanging shapeless - from a chandelier arm~

Inside sleeve detail~

Each button loop was individually cut and sewn in - no loop tape used here!

Champagne satin, lace, and full tulle skirt
I showed it to just about everyone who stopped by - they probably wondered when I would stop yak yak yakking about it~
It's a fairy tale wedding gown~

Worn with these SHOES. Oh, I know they're my favorite part of her ensemble~

Can you see the size? Sorry, they're a 7-1/2 aaaa. Yes, you're seeing it correctly. Can it be true that I will not see these shoes modeled by a real 2010 woman?

Cared for - 60 years in the box with their stretchers in place~

One more shot of the peep-toes
Newton Elkin for.... .....Lord & Taylor
I meant to measure the heel height - they look like they're over 4" tall

Thanks if you've enjoyed this with me - back to junk, vintage furniture and home decor today, TERESA

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