Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lord & Taylor Wedding Ensemble~

This week's Sunday load photos provided a first peek at this gorgeous ensemble~

There is so much detail to show you, so I'm saving more dress and shoe photos for next time~
The contents were listed inside the storage box lid - but there was no veil~
Clues. Wondering who she was, and imagining what she looked like that day~
Was she a young woman of means? Was it a society affair? Lord & Taylor, 1950 was quite exclusive and elegant - did she travel to New York to choose her ensemble?More to come of these PEEP TOE satin pumps! Newton Elkin for Lord & Taylor~
Her satin dressing gown (referred to on the storage box label as her nightie?)


Covered buttons, appliqued lace

Pleated shoulders on the sleeves. Think I Love Lucy...

Her soft, netted, hoop underskirt (the hoops are about three feet wide)

Perfect shape~

Her waistline was about 21"

This photo of her train implies liquid satin~

See you soon with more about the dress and shoes~ TERESA

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