Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The PORCH & Atelier are open next week~

Alot of pieces have been worked into the Atelier lately~ There seems to be a definite turn to warm, rich colors here.

The three pressed back chairs are up for paint, for sure. That's a great entertainment center (new, $325) on the brick wall; I wish you could see the base cabinet~

An Alan cabinet, generally the size of his small islands, but the granite on this one is sized for placement against the wall.

Resetting and restyling included hanging this paned window~

That's an old iron gate behind the glass~
The gate is from this collection of old house iron. It's been priced as a group; the pieces will now be sold individually.
You can see part of the old vanity with triple mirror; lantern on top Four iron chairs; great shape

Desk chair - it is old, I'll add casters~

The plant tiers spin on this old stand

Iron sundial in the center

I'll get getting more photos today and all week - we're filling up by the day~ Next week's hours are posted on the upper right. TERESA

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