Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer & Lemonade Stands

What feels like summer and evokes childhood memories like a lemonade stand? I wonder just how far back the tradition goes? Lacey (Our Brenda's seven yr old daughter) was at our August Market yesterday, hostessing and operating a very successful operation. She was quite the entrepreneur - everything was planned and organized quite well with the help of Mom, Dad, and Grandparents.

Gary (her cousin) was her able assistant. Lacey was moved to action after watching a local news story, and their family efforts benefited an animal shelter. Now that the lemonade fundraiser here is past, the stand (customizable due to chalkboard paint on three sides) is for sale ($49).

We're reveling in the gorgeous, perfect weather, and looking forward to seeing more of you here today. We're open through Sunday, we'd love to see you ~ TERESA

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The Head Chickpea said...

What a wonderful young lady!