Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sunday Load 8-1-10 & Newly Upholstered

We're opening this week, and the buying for you doesn't stop~

Old trunks, boxes, and suitcases. Bags of smalls - fun stuff, once again!The embossed tin trunk will be detailed for you in an upcoming post. She'll be gorgeous with a little TLC~
Woven details and great color~

~ Note the old drawer bank (behind) from last Sunday's load. I immediately removed the lamp stem from the figurine - he's a lamp no more~
Unpacking the smalls~
Heavy glass cruet, about 8" tall

Bird plates/coasters

Old kitchen cabinet base, with flour bin, drawers, and wide breadboard~

Newly upholstered has arrived over the weekend~ this pair of wingback chairs is stunning in its graphic design on cocoa brown~

Thanks! TERESA


Gracie's Cottage said...

That cabinet base is wonderful and the upholstery on those chair...LOVE it. Great finds!


TERESA said...

Hi Jan - glad you like those pieces, it's always nice when you comment~ TERESA