Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sunday Load 8-15

Two loads yesterday, two large 'buys' last week, and alot to show you~ Full: tables, chests, bags of smalls~
What is all that stuff?

It's easier to see what's in the second load~

There are several 'reproduction vintage style' tables - can you see the base?

A large old chalkboard

Wonderful bench (left: on-end, to be painted and recovered), and a black mantel top
Fun office style chair, worn black leather

Back of that chair - don't you love the old brand labels?
We'll have to find out if you really can DO/MORE in this chair~

A crazy quilt that has lots of silky fabrics I've been admiring~
Newer red bench

This chenille wingback is in great shape, and will be awesome after a freshen-up~
Stacks of framed prints behind.

From a load last week - tres' chic vanity (it has a triple mirror, too) Also from last week: a petite 'Reliable' stove

Oh, I'll be detailing this find for you soon. The history~the details~ the wonder. The shoes caught my attention first - they were peeking out of a storage box. The note taped inside the storage box cover states the 1950 bride's name, and the contents of the box: her wedding gown, hoop skirt, shoes and nightie! Wait until you see her 1950 version of an elegant dressing gown.
I'll keep filling this place with finds. I hope you enjoy wondering about them, as I do~ TERESA

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