Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sunday Load 8-8

The shop didn't open until noon yesterday (we're open only one Sunday a month - during Buffalo's occasional sales) - so....there was time for junking and hauling~
I have alot of plans for the pieces in this load, alot of it needs work before you'll see it again~
The primo cotton duvet/comforter (right) has a random leaf pattern, and is ready for you.

Smalls, and more smalls, once again. I even picked up some galvanized and enameled containers this time - they have great potential for embellishing with some great graphics~

You probably noted the shopping cart in the vanload - she's a honey!
The tin box with lid (in the forefront) is also one of my favorites in this load~

Just in case you didn't see the vintage police hat, I'll show this view for you, too~

There's more - I'll be making a trip back for two awesome chairs. One of them is a great bergere chair frame - I can't wait to show you~ TERESA

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