Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We love it when you share~

~Adorable Jenni visited us at the shop last weekend. We love to hear about the latest decorating fun happening in her vintage bungalow home. She told us about about her freshly painted/restyled master bedroom, and also her studio- and today, we received photos from her! Aren't we lucky?
Her studio. The chair and chandelier are finds from The PORCH & Atelier~I love how her mirror reflects another view of the studio~
Studio view #2: "a frame I bought a while back from you that I made into an inspiration board that is hanging above my sewing table". Jenni is always sporting an adorable bag she's sewn - and not just any bag - wow, check her blog: What beautiful coves in this ceiling- what an awesome room! Look at the petite window alcove to the left - how very European~
"my bedroom makeover........I made the pillows and coverlet from the old curtains that I had made and had hanging in the room previously. The new curtains are a pair of silk duiponi floor length panels that I had retired from my living room. It's great to reuse!"

Her jewelry/sitting area by those gorgeous windows~
"The white frame I painted a dark grey and made into the jewelry board...." Her jewelry is art when displayed in this way - note that she has a petite print as a focal in the center~
The frame, in the Atelier, where Jenni found it last weekend
I've posted about Jenni before: "....I'm sure you'll recognize the tray and other little nicknacks...I'm using the pewter creamer to hold rings. Love them all!" Jenni gathered this tray, bottles, bird, and candle here last weekend, also (that's a battery-operated votive--not a bad idea for carefree ambience~).

The perfect ending to our post today: "...a beautiful white vase filled with ranunculus that I absolutely love....One of my favorite purchases from Atelier!" Once again, look at the view beyond - wow~ And, if there's one silk flower I can love, it's ranunculus~

We DO meet the best people here - thank you, Jenni! ~TERESA


The Head Chickpea said...

Wow! What a lovely post Teresa! Thank you so much for sharing my work-I can't wait for the September market...I already have an entourage of people that would like to join me!

TERESA said...

Jenni, thank YOU for sharing with us~ I'll look forward to your next visit - with your entourage!! ~TERESA