Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to PARIS~ for today

Join me - at one of my favorite PARIS shopsToday, let's go to La Vaissellerie, in the Village Saint Paul neighborhood~Does their sidewalk display give you an idea of what to expect inside?Oh my! Where to start?
La Vaissellerie is known for porcelainware: dishes, serving pieces, and flatware - on and on~Look at all the choices - it's not overwhelming, it's exciting! What do you 'have to have'? Isn't your luggage already over-full?One place to start looking is in the open-stock flatware. Let's add some forks to my set at home~Does that make service for five now?

And, of course - cafe' spoons and then some porcelainware tags to hang on baskets and jars in the pantry~
Remember, we have to think small....

Small souffle'-style cups - I like to use them as butter dishes on the tables at events here~

And, of course - bring enough home for April in Paris, our annual PARIS event at The PORCH & Atelier! These butter dishs are always a tres' populaire prize~
Thanks for taking this petite voyage with me, I had a great time, and can't wait to go back - with you~ TERESA


Anonymous said...

The butter dish looks so sweet on my table. I'm so happy you brought it back from Paris so I could buy it! Merci! Therese T.

TERESA said...

Very nice to hear from you, Therese! I love it when you and your lovely Mom/family and friends come for our April in PARIS events! The post shows exactly where I bought your butter dish in Paris, and how much I enjoy that shop. (I was thinking you'd won it as a prize that day...I'm so happy you are still enjoying it) ~TERESA