Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sunday Load 9-12-10

This load is definitely full of small stuff - and fun stuff - and some great color, too~Like these suede gloves, sporting buttons around the wrists~
Note the suitcase with lucite handle in the front/left~

The paintings in the back/right are some of many pastoral scenes found yesterday~

Old books - love them for many reasons, but the titles always get me~

Great mirror

Glass, crocks, silver tea strainer - wait until you see the fish on the lower/left French plates~

Stacks of quilts and pillows

Statuettes, and note the hotel service teapot front/center~

OK, I'm SO excited about the hatpin flags - I've never seen anything like them!

Speaking of hats
There's other furniture, but this set of four sturdy 'kitchen' chairs made the photo group~

Crinoline underskirt - with dotted swiss trim'Cock-eyed' bird clips. I don't think I'll wait for the holidays - they're headed to perch on a chandelier right now~

Everything was cleared for the black cabinet that came in on Sunday. This photo reminds me of when I first acquired the Atelier - what a beautiful space it is~ TERESA

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