Monday, September 27, 2010

The Sunday Load 9-26-10

The load is full, and I go back for more today~Let's bring it all in to the Atelier, and take a closer look! Inside the bags and baskets: smalls, glass, a stack of great linens~Two of three vintage beaded bagsThe crocheted bag with lucite handles has a clear plastic bottom, too~I love old stretched canvas paintings, and pastoral scenes. Very appropos that we're finding it now -- the painter captured early autumn, just like here/now~Game boards, including a tabletop pool table with mini triangle, cues, and balls
This isn't even a third of the Christmas that's in this load~
Still-packed six-arm chandelierI've never seen one with a crystal finial inside~
A look around the Atelier entrance shows hydrangeas, waiting to be worked into vignettes~
A favorite simple thing here right now: aluminum lazy susan pedestal, with a Lumina pumpkin

Some of our jewelry is being restyled on this tin-top table. Six drawers (three on each side), turned legs - an awesome workspace for someone. Note the plaster relief behind. It's leaning on three hooks - a great way to display it at home, too~

Our October Market opens in just over a week! We'll be visiting you with lots of photos - until next time, TERESA

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