Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sunday Load 9-5-10

My favorite thing to do? Go junking for YOU!I never know what I'll find....and that makes for alot of surprises here.
Of course, I'm always admiring some little thing I find - like making a big deal out of this cardboard pencil box - with slate pencils inside, of course. The graphic font is adorable~
Yes, that's the top of a big old cupboard. The polka dot box holds dozens of old rolled prints - you'll just have to trust me on that~ Love a striped suitcase, don't you?

Old dropleaf occasional table and provincial-style rush seat chair - once again, just trust me~

OK, old piano bench and the smalls as they come out of the boxes and bags.

I just had to get the apple crock, being that it's September--don't you think?

That big old cupboard. Not fancy, but after a little magic, she'll be at home here. Side note: when we were carrying her in the Atelier door on Sunday, we had several offers of help - pretty nice! Maybe I could time all of my unloading for when nice, strong people are around?

OK. Had to have it, and someone here will really appreciate it.

Straight out of a movie scene to you. A gal would look better in it, anyway. I love how we take a new look at vintage clothing~Ooh - what's that piece?

Vintage heavy silk jacket

Besides style, you can't help but admire the fabrics and sewing talent involved in vintage clothing - and you know there's a story here. At first look, you think apron, but - it's a beautifully made overskirt. Oh, talk about it completing the right outfit~
We had a great September Market, and we're off and ready for more. Aren't we lucky to spend our days with this stuff? Let your imagination run today, TERESA


Kristin said...


Love the pics of the old piano bench and would love to know a price? It might be a great fit at my kitchen table :)

Looks like you are having fun. Have an awesome week!


TERESA said...

Thanks for your note, Kristin! The bench IS great, thanks for asking about it. She needs some TLC, which I noticed when I loaded her on Sunday morning.
The price will be in the $34-39 range, and I'll be happy to let you know when she's ready.

Wishing you an awesome week, too.


Kristin said...

Yes! Keep me posted. I'd love an excuse to come browse and take a look at the new finds!