Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This book stack tells more than one story~

~A compilation of GIL BLAS de SANTILLANE, the story is told in nine parts (there are a total of 12?) combined in these three volumes.The books first attracted me for their 'look'

The covers were detached, but look at their bindings~

And, the marbling inside~

Ah ha....there is another story here, I knew it! The books belonged to Ruth Shepard Phelps, daughter of a prominent Minneapolis businessman (Edmund J. Phelps). Raised in Minneapolis, highly educated, professor of romance languages at the U of M in the 1920's, and married (in 1929) to a Frenchman 15 years her junior.

To see the photos in a larger format, click on Ruth's link (above).

Interior, Edmund J. Phelps residence, 2323 Park Avenue,MinneapolisPhotograph Collection ca. 1893 ~Every found piece has a story - and I often wish they could 'talk'. Well, these books have, and how interesting - I hope you enjoy this history, too. TERESA


The Head Chickpea said...

Teresa! I just absolutely love your posts. What an interesting past this find had. Keep 'em coming! :)

TERESA said...

Really? Well, thank you! I loved finding the connection - and would like to have known Ruth! ~TERESA