Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn at The PORCH & Atelier

There's been alot of 'behind the scenes' happening around here~
Alot of cleanup and - hate to say it - getting ready for the change to our winter season. The boxwood pots are close to the door, ready to come inside sometime soon. I still love the window box (background), and how its colors transitioned well into fall.
Paring down what is in our back courtyard, washing windows, picking up leaves - taking advantage of the last glorious fall days to be outdoors without bundling up~

Right now, the vignettes are definitely thinned out, but we'll be stocking up and adding before the November Market. We still have alot of decorating to do~

Our 'volunteer vine' is slowly being cut down for wreaths and garlands in the shop~

Our November Market is always a seasonal mix. The evergreen juniper pots are mixed among the pumpkins, herbs and diamond frost lobelia. You'll find Autumn/Thanksgiving glory, right along with Christmas holiday decor here.
The 10-17 Sunday load is still in the van - which has spent the last two days in a service bay. So happy the breakdown waited until after I went junking on Sunday morning! (I wonder what the mechanics thought when they saw all that stuff?)


Mr. Flannery said...

Teresa - I thought all vans were filled like that. My truck usually is full. Only cleared in time to go to the next auction.

TERESA said...

Love to get the stuff, don't we? It doesn't stay in your truck for very long, Peter - you are the auction king!