Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's going to be a gorgeous fall day here! I'm finally showing you one of our newly upholstered pieces - I keep thinking I'll get some shots in the wonderful Atelier daylight - but it hasn't happened!
So, here she is in wonderful, romantic evening light. This chair is done up in wonderful creamy matelasse', original wood trim and a matching pillow~

Complete with nailhead trim~She's waiting right inside the Atelier entrance to welcome you~

Our lower level entry welcomes you with a chair, too - all in warm grays and whites~

A full shot of that area, with Stephanie's pieces on the back/left.

Sit a minute and read what some of the Great Operas are all about~

We display and decor our back courtyard all year long - it's right outside the lower level PORCH entry~
Enjoy the day, and we look forward to seeing you here, or at the shop - TERESA

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