Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple Enough #25

I'm partial to grays and browns. Enjoy some with me today~~Especially the galvanized gray of old metal pieces. This table base hung around the apartment for a while (loved it), until married with the old mirror plateau as its table-top. The structure of metal pieces is great complemented with natural, wispy browns/grays
Structure in this candleholder makes a great silhouette, don't you think?

Granite ovals in the Atelier. Natural color and texture~Grays, and that wonderful old texture~

Embossed old chippy ceiling tin....always makes me stop and admire

Old suitcases - the patina and leather wear feels good
The tin door from an old pie cabinet

Browns in PARIS - ooh - this marvelous carving is on a door as you enter Notre Dame Cathedral
More old PARIS browns~Updated PARIS browns - now I'm thinking high gloss paint is the answer to updating the entrance doors here---when all I think about is a color choice? The French take a simple thing and do it well~

Tres' petite French pastoral painting (on an old piece of wood). It rests on the barn door at the apartment kitchen wine bar. Found at the Angers, France flea market years ago.
Enjoy some simple details today, TERESA

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