Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sunday Load 10-10-10

Yesterday. A gorgeous morning. Great finds. Can it get any better than that?
Full to the brim~ As it comes in to the Atelier, you can see a few details ---- what is all that stuff?
Well, five lamps, two binoculars with cases, pillows, more~

One of two chairs
This one is perfect and close to new~Up-to-the-minute styling, details and color~
Love the art books~Portable writing desk, the mirror on the chair reflects an artsy view of our ceiling. We're lucky to be in such a beautiful space - the entire experience of being here is good!

Baskets; the table is sturdy, round, and practical with two surfaces.

1940's occasional table, in perfect shape
Nice brown transferware English pitcher~
Oh, I do want to show you this taller/narrow console piece, but don't want you to be too disappointed. We were open yesterday for the final day of our October Market - and yes, she sold within hours of coming in the door. Remove the brassy casters, polish her up - eh voila! the perfect console for a flat screen TV. We love to find what you want and need! ~TERESA

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