Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome, October~

I've always loved October - look forward to it and then savor it. I hear that same sentiment from alot of you~ We follow the seasons at The PORCH & Atelier, and are always ready to decorate right into the next one~
A start on lower level displays: arched gate and tall birch twigs.
To make the shop fresh for each occasional sale, we're only open six days each month. We're constantly on the hunt for pieces, working on them, planning, decorating. Everyone here with me (what a great group: Alan, Annemarie, Brenda, Cassie, Colleen, Debbie, Jeanne, Larry, Lisa, Lori, Lynn & Stephanie) puts their heart and soul into this all-consuming effort - working hard to create fresh energy and excitement - for you. In other words, it's personal for us~

Colleen's start on a corner of her display area is taking on a fun/stylish approach to Halloween~

I was pleasantly surprised at the collection in this jar - it made me smile~

And, her take on this votive (look at the details) and tester jars~

Remember, this is just a start on her October Market display - it's nowhere near complete, she'll be filling it up. I'm no good at Halloween decorating myself, so I'm happy that others are! We complement each other well here.
I'm always fond of these old grates - this one complete with tiny casters! I like to think about all the things it can hold and show off~

Watch for her complete display -here-, in a few days~

A quick shop decorator trick: 'aged leather' wallpaper, stapled to the fence wall in Stephanie's area.
Wow, this marble top chest holds a great collection of pieces, doesn't it? Note the two large, wooden candle stands~
Blue leather armchair with nailhead, along with a vintage velvet wrap~ 'Rust and crust' is arriving, too - Lisa brought in this great thermometer and baskets (remember, this is just a start)~

Lynn has hung this great awning over the cubby in her space~

The Atelier level is shaping up, too. The column lampstand with hooks welcomes you at the north window. The gauzy 'crown' on the right is high quality - use it to create a special cocooned space anywhere you like - it doesn't have to be over a bed anymore~

Lots more to come, and we'll be showing you all we can in the coming days. Join us October 5-6-7-8-9-10. Note that we're open short hours October 5-6: Tues (9-12)/Wed (9-2). Full hours October 7-8-9: Thu-Fri-Sat (9-5); Sun October 10 (12-5). ~TERESA

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