Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the afterglow~

I love the way home feels in the quiet evening, after a full day with family here, celebrating Thanksgiving together~ The view into the apartment entry, through the fresh boxwood wreath on the glass entrance door~
(The wreath with blue organza ribbon was a gift from Rachel *my daughter*, in celebration of her Baby Owen's baptism~)

Everything is quiet; I miss everyone who has headed for their homes - --at the same time, savoring these quietly lit spaces~ Touches here and there that I enjoy~

---for a little while - for, it was back to shop work and happy to do it - we open next week!

It's going to be a busy setup weekend here - watch for December Market photos of the great finds! OPEN Tues Nov 30 (9-noon); Wed Dec 1 (9-2); Thu-Fri-Sat Dec 2-3-4 (9-5); Sun Dec 5 (noon-5). ~TERESA


SecondhandKris said...

Beautiful Teresa!!

TERESA said...

You'll have to come over in the evening light and relax on the grand daybed! Thank you Kris- ~TERESA