Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A lot of 'behind the scenes' lately...

...and I haven't brought you along with me?!
Vintage holiday matchbox holder
Holiday at The PORCH & Atelier is special, inspiring - we want it to be that way for you~I can tell this will be a favored bird here - about an 8" wing span, very lifelike in-flight pose. They hang from springs, which gives them easy motion when you'd like that~
There's been alot of unpacking and extra decorating along with what normally already happens around here~

Atelier entrance; the twigs are stuck right in the catmint, the fresh greens and door garland are coming~
We've had our first taste of snow, bringing holiday spirit along with it.

These little birds are perching here and there, too

Our clothing section is always fresh - fur has been popular~

'French' feedsack bags ($15.95) - among our many great gift ideas.

I collect vintage ornaments all year, then - I'm surprised when there are well over 100 ornaments here!

This plaster mirror with sconces is dated 1959.

Hard to see the detail here - but, there are more than a dozen tall trumpet-style vases, perfect for your holiday tables.Sunday loads and new vignettes have been happening every week - why haven't I shown you? I've missed you~Pile it in, fill it up~
Our flatware stakes have taken on a holiday theme, tooWhen you have alot of something, add a big ladle. Stars and reindeers: $.25 each

Our new window vignettes are bright and beautiful, lots of silver/ivory/gold - we hope you can experience them for yourself~ I'll get some night shots that will show better for you~
Until next time (visits won't be so few and far-between~), TERESA

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