Friday, November 5, 2010

More NOVEMBER 2010 Market -- and smiles, too!

Hello. How are you today?Do you like how this vignette feels?

When you're here, you'll find us moving more pieces in, primping and resetting. Staging all this stuff is fun for us~
This great vanity/desk with attached mirror just came in. Its old finish is glassy-smooth~The jewel-toned window is shown twice here today~
Have you noted the toboggan yet (back/left)? It will hold the whole family for those holiday photos~

There's alot to browse~

Thank you to Sherri and Dawn for their smiles - and modeling our great new headbands--They were also nice enough to show how great (and soft) they are around your neck, too~

Sarah and Merry (her Jack Russell terrier) were here. Merry was calm, a little shy, but did like us~ (Sarah was not calm or shy, and likes us, too)

Sassy Cass will be here Saturday (11/6, 1:00-3:00)~

The jewelry shown today was made just for you at the trunk show~

Cassie's pieces are handmade, personally designed, and well-priced.

Her beadwork is stunning~

Her wilted flower focals and other floral cabochons are popular

Along with her hand-set vintage rhinestone pieces~

We hope to see you at Girls Day Out in Buffalo, also this Saturday Nov 6. ~TERESA

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