Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ready and waiting: our NOVEMBER 2010 Market

Welcome~ Thanks for stopping by to see more of what's here.A quick look at the north Atelier window shows one of four dining chairs (one armchair/three side chairs). A new chandelier, too~
'Planters' chair and ottoman
This European scrubbed pine bed just arrived. We're waiting for the side rails and mattress (arriving today) - then we'll know if it's a 'full twin size'.
Clothing is restocked for you - I haven't said enough about the clothes here - absolutely FRESH, clean, stylish, well-priced~ Secondhand bags, too. Most are priced under $20, alot of them $12.95 and less.

Holiday is peeking out - especially in our lower level~
You'll find these crown ornaments in the Atelier level~ As well as glittered birds, and more
This little guy was found in a big stack of old photos. I wonder who he grew up to be?

Speaking of 'little guys': my grandsons were here yesterday. Owen doesn't think it's fair to take a picture when he's trying to wake up (which isn't easy when you're bundled in soft fleece).

Paper clipped to an iron lampshade
Like this. It's a floor lamp, new, $159. Change out with your prints or photos - cool!

A favorite of mine - an old, petite cabinet
Inside view~

A floor-standing mirror

And, to wrap up today: Sassy Cass' rings! They're a big hit here, and back in stock (adjustable sizing, $14.50). A nice intro to Cassie's jewelry trunk show - here - Saturday, November 6, 1:00-3:00. Watch for more of her current designs right here, tomorrow~

OPEN through this Sunday, Nov 7. Full info/hours on the upper ride sidebar. ~TERESA

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